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About Ryan

Capturing life's beautiful and tender moments is my passion. As your photographer, I will anticipate and capture the moment, preserving it for generations.  Time moves forward, but the image remains as a testament to that period of your life. Live it; document it; remember it!  - Ryan Lewis


Hi - Thank you for checking out Ryan Lewis Photography. I'm Ryan, a Mom of four (ages 3-9), living in San Francisco, with an insane passion for photography. Meeting your family and capturing your children as they grow is my greatest pleasure. Don't let these moments pass without documenting them.  

Yes, we all have fabulous phones that take great pictures. But, how often do you get the entire family in a picture? Are the pictures the type of images you want to print and display on the walls of your home? Do you? Will you? Don't wait for tomorrow . . . or until you (insert the best excuse we're all guilty of using) . . .call me today and let's start preserving these milestones. 415-519-8555

What is it like to have a session with Ryan Lewis Photography? At the start of a session, I often take several traditional, posed photographs. Many clients enjoy this style for their holiday photos, gifting to family members or for traditional wall art. I then spend the remainder of the shoot using a documentary style of photography. This style is wonderful for capturing the personality of a child, the relationship between partners or between the parent and child. These images are often my client's favorite because the photographs are very personal and touching. These images beautifully capture and preserve special moments and the subject's personality.

You may also notice that I shoot in either outdoor or indoor locations. I am comfortable shooting in both environments and the location is often simply a function of the client's preference. For indoor shoots, I also use natural light, studio lighting or a combination of both. The type of lighting I use is based upon the client's desires as well as the availability of natural light in the home. Finally, you will notice that the style of photographs ranges from very traditional and formal to modern and artistic.  All of my shoots are tailored to my client's needs and preferences. If you're not sure which style you prefer, that's o.k. too; we can try a variety of styles and then you pick your favorite photographs. 

It would be my pleasure and honor to work with you!*Please use the contact link to schedule an appointment. Or click here. Here is an article I wrote to help clients decide if I'm the right family photographer for them. Click here. 


Ryan Lewis Photography, San Francisco, CA 94118 415-5519-8555 ryan@ryanlewisphotography